Free Spins: A Short Overview

For our slots fans, there is nothing better than spinning more for less, in fact, there is nothing better than spinning more for free! In many cases, all you have to do is sign up for your casino of choice, and their staff will already be on its way to delivering some juicy free spin bonus. But how do Free spins work and where can you get the best free spin deals? We have it all ready for you right here to click, register and get that lucky spin to hit the jackpot! Here is a short overview of what free spins are, how to get them and where you can get the most spins when you sign up.

More about Free Spins

One of the most common casino promotions, their premise is simple: get more playing rounds without making an additional deposit. They generally apply to slots of all kinds. When you use your free spins, your account balance does not change; nothing will be taken from your account once you press the spin button on the slot machine. You will only use up your free spins, which, off course are limited and that is why we are constantly on the lookout for the best deals, so you get more of them. Many of these bonuses are typically given to players just when they open an account, or to those who already have an active account as soon as a deposit is made.

Some casinos will give you weekly reloads with free spins that increase your chances of winning. Other casinos will give you a shot at their jackpots for free. These casinos will let you register with them and get some free spins without making a deposit to your account, by crediting it with free spins. Some casinos try to make it comfortable for you to play, so they will issue free spins and other bonuses to match the times of day in which you play the most. Here is a list of the top casinos offering free spins:

For High Rollers and Loyal Gamblers

Casinos know high rollers as soon as they start playing. They also understand which players will stick with their brand. Casinos give these players free spins and other bonuses as a small token of gratitude for playing. The higher you roll, the more free spins and bonuses you will get, although sometimes the objective of free spins bonuses could be different. Casinos many times chose to promote a new slot game by giving you free spins. They will typically issue free spins on it for you to play and get a chance to hit the jackpot, and believe it or not, if someone does hit that jackpot early on, it will make the new slot an instant success!

The Real Deal: Completely Free Spins

So where are all those free spins we have been talking about? Free spins bonuses can also be split into 2 main kinds: free spins that you get upon deposit and free spins that you get without depositing. The second kind is particularly difficult to find, but our staff is constantly looking for these deals and bringing them right here to you. The only thing you will need to get these free spins for your favorite slots is to register an account with the casino that is offering the bonus. Remember that you can hit the jackpot even when you get a no deposit bonus, and the casino would need to credit an account with the winning prize. That is why you have to register.

Many casinos will require you to contact support after you have registered in order to credit your account with the free spins. It shouldn’t take support too long to credit your account and have you set up to spin for free and win. The procedure on their side is pretty standard. Remember that the casino wants to give you a royal welcome, so they will not hesitate to give you those free spins quickly. In any case, watch out for the following so that you can fully enjoy your free spins:

  • Read the conditions attached to the free spins.
  • Register your account properly, you could hit that jackpot on a free spin!
  • See if there are any limitations on the slots you ca use the spins on.
  • If it is a no deposit promotion, make sure the casino stands by its word.