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Amatic Industry LogoAmatic is one of the most traditional software development companies in the gaming industry. According to their website, Amatic specializes in development and production of high tech casino cabinets, multiplayer systems, video lottery, remote gaming solutions, and jackpot and casino management systems. Their early move into web based casinos, positioned them as one of the leading designers for online slot games. They have been taking advantage of this pioneering move for more than 20 years now.

Amatic is based in Austria, and was established in 1993. Amatic has brought the high manufacturing quality philosophy into the software world with incredibly sharp slots for online gamblers. As a high tech company, Amatic has kept itself at the forefront of technology. Amatic has relied on this to increase its market share. International demand for all its products is so high that 90% of what the company produces, it earmarked for export.

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One of the secrets to stay at the top in this industry, has to do with customer feedback and security. Amatic is keen to get feedback from all of its customers and understand what the gamers are looking for. This is how they have managed to design some of the best slot games out there. The same feedback also shed light into one of the main concerns for both gamers and service providers: security. Amatic is constantly looking to improve their software in order to make it fair and safe.

Debugging the slots and constantly testing them even after they are released, allows Amatic and the casinos it has partnered with, to make sure they deliver the best most secure slots. After all, gamers out there want to win, and casinos want to make sure that whoever hits a jackpot on any given spin did so without meddling with the machine.

With 29+ video slots in the market, Amatic industries is one of the clear slot software providers for online casinos. The most interesting part is that Amatic is constantly looking for the technological edge. That is why it managed to integrate one of the most important financial inventions so far: Bitcoin. Amatic now supports Bitcoin payments on its slots, which has expanded its customer base and has put it one step further into the future.

Considering all these facts, Amatic is not only an industry leader now, but will probably be leading the slot scene for years to come. To try the best Amatic slots, we have compiled a list of partner casinos that have Amatic slots ready for you to spin and win!


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